When I started my adventure with old parish records I had to face a difficulty, that all genealogists looking for their ancestors from the territory of Congress Poland have to face. Since 1868 all registers were in Russian, and I didn't even know print Cyrillic script. The problem was deeper as records were in handwritten Cyrillic script - it differs from the print script at some points and it can be hard to read like all handwriting scripts. Fortunately, records were being composed acording to the common templates, so almost always in the same places you can find names, age, profession etc.

On genealogical Internet forums many people ask for help in translating Russian records. I didn't want to ask for help every time I had a Russian record in front of me, as I had plenty of them. And when you decipher a record by yourself the satisfaction is much greater. This of course doesn't mean that help isn't needed. You can always encounter a record written by a priest who had nasty handwriting and without someone with more experience in reading in Russian it will be difficult to decipher some parts.

To help myself I compared few records of every type to establish the most universal template of their composition and I've created a font of handwritten Cyrillic script to represent those templates in.


Given the need to show records' texts in handwritten Cyrillic script this website uses a custom font. Some mobile devices may have problems to display it properly.