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Entry scheme:

  1. text in handwritten Cyrillic script
  2. text in printed Cyrillic script
  3. translation

Slashes (/) seperate different variants of the same part of the record.

Ellipses (...) replace words or phrases that are different in every record (names, dates etc.); in square brackets in the translation line it is specified what can we expect to find there.

In round brackets there are words or phrases that are optional in records.


Some of the letters can take various forms:

  1. Lowercase "d":
    • д (more common form, used on this website)
    • d
  2. Letter "i":
    • и (modern form, used on this website)
    • і
  3. There was also a letter "ѣ" ("yat") before orthographic reform in Russia, in records it is sometimes replaced by the letter "e":
    • ѣ
    • е


Because of the differences between Slavonic and Germanic grammar the translation is not literal and sometimes not grammatically correct.